Monday, August 11, 2008

Momlogic Should Be Ashamed of Their Post!


I'm not into censorship, but I will choose what I want to read, and I will give my opinion. I enter a lot of contests on Momlogic - at least I did, and thus, I receive their newsletters in my inbox. Usually, I don't read the articles, but this morning one titled "Size 12, You're Fat!" caught my eye. At first, I thought this article was going to be about some medical research BS, but I was wrong. The article is written by a women who I am assuming is a narcasistic, perfectionist, mean-spirited person. She calls herself MILF Mommy - need I say more. Yes, she is entitled to her opinion that people who are a size twelve are fat, lazy, liars. I am entitled to my right to remove myself from the Momlogic email list and never enter one of their contests. I am appalled that they would publish such a hateful commentary that is all opinion and absolutely no fact. Are they just tying to get a rise out of people? It was like reading a monologue from the Jerry Springer show. Have these people ever known anyone who was anorexic? Let me tell you, it is no fun watching one of your friends try and starve themselves. I hate to give their site traffic, but if you want to read this article, here's the link. Let me know what you think!


Tracey said...

I am ashamed of them. what were they thinking. Do they not realize that not just women who are a size 6 go to their site. That will be last time for me.

h2ofossil said...

Tacky, tasteless and judgemental!
Morbid obesity is no joke but the comments made by the author of this article go beyond the bounds of common decency. If she had posted this on her personal blog it would be one thing...but to put this out in a public forum shows poor judgement for appealing to the public readership!

This was my first and LAST visit to momlogic!

Mary512 said...

I saw this article on Mom Logic and also was absolutely appalled. As a bigger woman myself, at almost 6 feet tall, it would almost be impossible to be less than a size 12! I know that they encourage different view points on Mom Logic, but this article went way too far. I work out 6 days a week and do yoga, pilates, weightlifting and cardio and I'm happy to still be a larger woman, size 16. Thanks for speaking out about this outrageous article!

judybrittle said...

I had to put a comment about that article. I just said that for her to put others down to build herself up was pretty pathetic.

Michael in LH said...

I still think she sounds HOT!