Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Morning Jacket Rocked Me Under the Table

I don’t get out very often, and some might say that my desperate lack of live entertainment leads to my praise of the awesome performance given by My Morning Jacket last Saturday. However, if I’d been trapped in a cave playing with bats for ten years, I’d still know a good performance. My Morning Jacket rocked the stage for about three hours and I have to tell you that the show just got better and better as the night progressed – at least that was my vodka influenced opinion. I was particularly impressed with the massive energy the band sustained. I wondered if such energy came legally. I haven’t seen such behavior since I saw Rush a few years back (their show is worth seeing if only for the ten minute drum solo), but then I don’t get out very often. Anyway, the Kentuckians just kept belting music out with no resistance to heat, fatigue or constant, forward, head thrusting movements. I don’t know how the band felt, but I was half-dead when the encore came. The highlight of the night had to be Erykah Badu’s appearance and performance of Tryone. It was a complete surprise, and had I been for warned of such activity, I would have been highly skeptical of a positive result. I would have been wrong. You can view it here: stereogum.com

Best friend and I ended the evening with coffee and an order of French Connection over at BuzzBrews. Rock makes you hungry. It also makes you want to get naked, but lamo that I am passed out when I got home.

My only complaint of the evening was a blinding spotlight located somewhere stage left. IF I ever end up onstage, am having a bad hair day, and I don’t want anyone to look at me, I’ll use the same tactic. Guys, loose the damn light! Oh… and Palladium Ballroom owners, for the love of your own money, get some kegs! Seriously, there is nothing as fun as two thirty minute bar trips, where you stand in line backwards to watch the show, and you wait , and wait, and wait, while the bartenders pop open and hand pour each bottle of Bud. We know you love money, and we just want to suggest that you might find kegs more profitable.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The F-150: Just Another Mouth to Feed

It's official. The F-150 now eats more than the four boys. Too bad I can't claim it as a dependent.

Heathen Hair #3

Earlier this summer I wrote to you about my 4 heathen heads. Well, I only have one child left with "unacceptable" hair. Last year, his math teacher actually sent him to the office for his roaming locks because she said, "I can't see your eyes and it's disrespectful." The child was told, via principal, to get the hair out of his face or get suspended. Guess what. Oldest heathen head has not had a hair cut all summer, and today is the first day of school. Anticipation over the "wayward" hair's school debut is building. Will we have to cut the hair? According to district rules, hair management falls to the discretion of the principal. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not totally opposed to dress codes. Frankly, when I was teaching, I didn't want to see a fourteen- year old’s butt hanging out of her skirt. Schools need some dress code laws. However, I've never agreed with codes on hair length and color. I can see not letting kids shave "FUCK YOU" on the sides of their heads, but who cares if guys have hot pink long hair. I'm much more concerned with some of the clean cut rich kids who can afford to buy bulk drugs. I said it in my first post on this topic, and I'll say it again. Society only cares about what they can see and judge immediately. Accomplishments and extraordinary personality characteristics mean nothing if you don’t look the part.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama vs. McCain

I've started my quest for some actual facts regarding these two presidential candidates. Where does one find fact in a sea of promises and finger pointing? Well, you can begin by visiting the United States Senate website and reviewing the candidates' voting behaviours. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it sounds. Legal jargon is a real pain in the ass to read for those of us who are not seasoned readers in this area. I'll be digging through some of bills later, but, for now, I found that the U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 110th Congress - 2nd Session(2008) page lists 33 votes for the month of July over a course of 13 days. McCain is listed as not voting for any of the 33 measures. Obama participated in all of the six votes held on July 9th. Basically, I have no information on McCain for July, and I'll be reviewing Obama's July votes. I get annoyed when candidates don't vote. Yes, I know they are busy running for president. Why are politicians allowed paid leave to look for another job?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Why Am I So Ignorant?

Election day is just a little over two months away, and I am clueless. I usually know who I'm going to vote for by the end of the primaries, but for this election it is not so my friends. Not so. What's my problem? I'm ignorant! Zip is what I know about these candidates. Yep, I've seen the debates, I've heard their commercials, and I've listened to the media. The information I've received has been a lot like cotton candy - a bunch of hot air mixed with sweetness that makes you want to throw-up after you hear it in excessive amounts. Worse, the onsluaght of speculative, Obama, conspiracy, theories makes me want to stick me head in the cotton candy maker so I can get wrapped up in a pink sticky cocoon which will leave me unable to perform any voting tasks. What's really scary? I seem to be the norm! Almost everyone I know is feeling just as ignorant as I am. It's not that I haven't been ignorant in past elections; let's just say, in past elections, it was a whole lot easier for me to choose the lesser of two evils. What a lovely example I'm setting for my children. They can grow up just as ignorant as their mama. Yippee!

In an attempt to educate myself, I'll be looking for some facts and sharing them with my children and my readers. I'll only be sharing facts because I have no intention of trying to persuade people to vote for a particular candidate. I think I'll make a grid poster for the kiddos to ponder. Hopefully, the kids and I will learn something. We might even graduate to an educated ignorant level.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Recipe @ Lookit! I Spy...

The girls over at Lookit! I spy have posted the recipe for biscuit doughnuts. If you've never made these, you should definitely try them. Nobody is wild about my cooking (have no idea what is wrong with the males in this house) however, I never get any complaints when I make these. Here is the link to Lookit! I Spy ... Eat up!

Momlogic Should Be Ashamed of Their Post!


I'm not into censorship, but I will choose what I want to read, and I will give my opinion. I enter a lot of contests on Momlogic - at least I did, and thus, I receive their newsletters in my inbox. Usually, I don't read the articles, but this morning one titled "Size 12, You're Fat!" caught my eye. At first, I thought this article was going to be about some medical research BS, but I was wrong. The article is written by a women who I am assuming is a narcasistic, perfectionist, mean-spirited person. She calls herself MILF Mommy - need I say more. Yes, she is entitled to her opinion that people who are a size twelve are fat, lazy, liars. I am entitled to my right to remove myself from the Momlogic email list and never enter one of their contests. I am appalled that they would publish such a hateful commentary that is all opinion and absolutely no fact. Are they just tying to get a rise out of people? It was like reading a monologue from the Jerry Springer show. Have these people ever known anyone who was anorexic? Let me tell you, it is no fun watching one of your friends try and starve themselves. I hate to give their site traffic, but if you want to read this article, here's the link. Let me know what you think!