Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Morning Jacket Rocked Me Under the Table

I don’t get out very often, and some might say that my desperate lack of live entertainment leads to my praise of the awesome performance given by My Morning Jacket last Saturday. However, if I’d been trapped in a cave playing with bats for ten years, I’d still know a good performance. My Morning Jacket rocked the stage for about three hours and I have to tell you that the show just got better and better as the night progressed – at least that was my vodka influenced opinion. I was particularly impressed with the massive energy the band sustained. I wondered if such energy came legally. I haven’t seen such behavior since I saw Rush a few years back (their show is worth seeing if only for the ten minute drum solo), but then I don’t get out very often. Anyway, the Kentuckians just kept belting music out with no resistance to heat, fatigue or constant, forward, head thrusting movements. I don’t know how the band felt, but I was half-dead when the encore came. The highlight of the night had to be Erykah Badu’s appearance and performance of Tryone. It was a complete surprise, and had I been for warned of such activity, I would have been highly skeptical of a positive result. I would have been wrong. You can view it here: stereogum.com

Best friend and I ended the evening with coffee and an order of French Connection over at BuzzBrews. Rock makes you hungry. It also makes you want to get naked, but lamo that I am passed out when I got home.

My only complaint of the evening was a blinding spotlight located somewhere stage left. IF I ever end up onstage, am having a bad hair day, and I don’t want anyone to look at me, I’ll use the same tactic. Guys, loose the damn light! Oh… and Palladium Ballroom owners, for the love of your own money, get some kegs! Seriously, there is nothing as fun as two thirty minute bar trips, where you stand in line backwards to watch the show, and you wait , and wait, and wait, while the bartenders pop open and hand pour each bottle of Bud. We know you love money, and we just want to suggest that you might find kegs more profitable.

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