Monday, August 18, 2008

Why Am I So Ignorant?

Election day is just a little over two months away, and I am clueless. I usually know who I'm going to vote for by the end of the primaries, but for this election it is not so my friends. Not so. What's my problem? I'm ignorant! Zip is what I know about these candidates. Yep, I've seen the debates, I've heard their commercials, and I've listened to the media. The information I've received has been a lot like cotton candy - a bunch of hot air mixed with sweetness that makes you want to throw-up after you hear it in excessive amounts. Worse, the onsluaght of speculative, Obama, conspiracy, theories makes me want to stick me head in the cotton candy maker so I can get wrapped up in a pink sticky cocoon which will leave me unable to perform any voting tasks. What's really scary? I seem to be the norm! Almost everyone I know is feeling just as ignorant as I am. It's not that I haven't been ignorant in past elections; let's just say, in past elections, it was a whole lot easier for me to choose the lesser of two evils. What a lovely example I'm setting for my children. They can grow up just as ignorant as their mama. Yippee!

In an attempt to educate myself, I'll be looking for some facts and sharing them with my children and my readers. I'll only be sharing facts because I have no intention of trying to persuade people to vote for a particular candidate. I think I'll make a grid poster for the kiddos to ponder. Hopefully, the kids and I will learn something. We might even graduate to an educated ignorant level.

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