Monday, August 25, 2008

Heathen Hair #3

Earlier this summer I wrote to you about my 4 heathen heads. Well, I only have one child left with "unacceptable" hair. Last year, his math teacher actually sent him to the office for his roaming locks because she said, "I can't see your eyes and it's disrespectful." The child was told, via principal, to get the hair out of his face or get suspended. Guess what. Oldest heathen head has not had a hair cut all summer, and today is the first day of school. Anticipation over the "wayward" hair's school debut is building. Will we have to cut the hair? According to district rules, hair management falls to the discretion of the principal. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not totally opposed to dress codes. Frankly, when I was teaching, I didn't want to see a fourteen- year old’s butt hanging out of her skirt. Schools need some dress code laws. However, I've never agreed with codes on hair length and color. I can see not letting kids shave "FUCK YOU" on the sides of their heads, but who cares if guys have hot pink long hair. I'm much more concerned with some of the clean cut rich kids who can afford to buy bulk drugs. I said it in my first post on this topic, and I'll say it again. Society only cares about what they can see and judge immediately. Accomplishments and extraordinary personality characteristics mean nothing if you don’t look the part.

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