Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Heathen Hair

Apparently, we have hair issues in my house. I didn’t know we had issues, but lucky for me, some very concerned citizens, and a few opinionated family members have shown me the light. What are these hair issues you might ask? Well, let me tell you. The children have “unrespectable” hair styles. We have Mr. Fro, Mr. Mohawk, Mr. Spike, and Mr. “I’m Not a Girl." Yes, we have everything one needs to highly irritate the least conservative do-gooder and a grandparent or two. We feel the scorn of judgment every time we go into public. The sour scrunch face, the hateful glare, the disapproving headshake, and the, “Oh my God,” have all been tossed our way.

Am I annoyed? Not really. Mostly, I’m forever puzzled, but not surprised, that many people fail to recognize what’s really important in life. I mean, never mind the fact that these four boys do generous and kind acts for friends and strangers alike. Never mind the fact that they are loving caring individuals taught to accept all people regardless of race, religion, disability, e.t.c. . . Never mind the fact that their academic and artistic achievements are numerous. Never mind all of that. None of it matters because to some people stuck in their trite, socially- created mind set the only thing they will ever notice about these boys is their heathen hair.

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FitMOm said...

wow! sounds like you've got your hands full. I have two boys who have yet to express their opinions on their hair..but they express their opinions in every other aspect of their young lives.
Mine are 4 and 2.