Thursday, July 17, 2008

We Mourn Our Microsoft Death

Yestarday, my stepson and I had a conversation that went something like this:

Mr. Mohawk: Most wonderful Stepmother.

Me: Yes, most wonderful Stepson.

Mr. Mohawk: The Xbox has the Red ring of Death.

Me: Sounds cool. Is that a new map?

Mr. Mohawk: What? No! The Xbox is dead.

Me: What?

Mr. Mohawk: Yeah.

Me: I just bought it!

Mr. Mohawk: Well, it's dead.

Me: Did you turn it off?

Mr. Mohawk: Yeah.

Me: Did you turn it back on?

Mr. Mohawk: Yes.

Me: Hmm... I'll have to dig out the warranty.

Mr. Mohawk: Did you buy it from store X?

Me: No.

Mr. Mohawk: If you bought it from store X, they give you an Elite when you get the Red

Ring of Death.

Me: Well, I bought it from store Z.

Mr. Mohawk: It's gonna take like three weeks to get it back.

Me: Oh. Uh-sorry.

Mr. Mohawk: We need to buy an Elite.

Me: I just spent 300 bucks on that one!

Okay, I didn't just buy it. It was a Christmas gift from hubby and me, so it's been a little over seven months. I don't know about you, but when I spend $300 on something, I expect it to last at least three to five years. Apparently, my expectations for this lovely gaming system were too high. I dug around the Internet only to find that we are not alone. Shame on you Microsoft! I haven't contacted Microsoft yet. I've got to dig out the warranty crap from the "To File" pile and do whatever it is I have to do to get my $300 machine fixed. And, because I have nothing better to do today, it probably won't get done until tomorrow. Make no mistake about it, I will have a few questions for them. For example: Are you going to credit our Xbox Live account for the time period we are unable to access it? Are we going to lose maps that we have paid for? I'll let you know how this goes. For future reference, I book marked the following site: This person has created some kind of fix -it kit that will retail for around $13. I will buy this product when it becomes available. My fear is that I we will get the damn thing back from Microsoft, and in another seven months, red rings will be swirling in front of my eyeballs. Mr. Computer Geek Genius (husband) would secretly enjoy getting to use the Little fix kit, and I wouldn't have to do a thing! I want to know what genius said technology is going to replace humans. This person obviously never experienced red rings, dead mother boards, or 6:00 A.M. emergency phones calls regarding screwy code.

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